shes_hitt (shes_hitt) wrote in boredom_place,


Bored? Of course you are, why else would you be part of this community?
Don't worry lads and lasses - I have a solution. Have you people tried neopets? It's a virtual pet site which, I must warn, becomes excessively addictive. It does, however, give you a way to pass all those boring post-midnight, pre-daylight hours.

Sign up, pick the cutest little munchkin you can, name it, give it personality traits then spend your hours BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE. Feed it, clothe it, buy it magical items, buy it books and most importantly - play games and earn it thousands of dollars [or neopoints, as they're called on the site].

I know, I know. I'm incredibly lame... But hey, it's fun.
Give it a go!
- Sar.
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